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empty Corporate Vision, The Hosokawa Micron Group will always be the leading global company covering the mountain range of Powder Technologies. The Group will achieve peaks of excellence in the development and commercialization of advanced materials, process equipment and systems engineering.
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An overview of the Hosokawa Micron Group is given below.

The Hosokawa Micron Group is a leading global supplier of a comprehensive range of equipment for the following sectors: powder and particle processing technology, blown film technology, nanoparticle technology and particle design, clean air and environmental protection technology. We offer value-added material solutions and respond to global needs through our emphasis on future-oriented material science and engineering. We pride ourselves on always being the right partner whenever cost-effective and technical solutions are called for. The utmost priority of the Hosokawa Micron Group are future-oriented activities - whether it be adapting to the constantly changing market situations or fulfilling the high material demands. Our task thereby is react in an adaptable and flexible manner at all times. The demands on our system are extremely high, making highly qualified and competent staff an absolute must if we are to meet your requirements in an optimum way.

We offer you the following machines for:

Powder and Particle Processing Technology
Grinding and classifying
Mixing and drying
Particle modification and composition
Agglomeration and compaction
Containment and clean air technology
Toll processing and contract manufacturing
Measuring and analysis

Blown Film Technology
Blown film extrusion
Film orientation process
Control systems

Nanoparticle Technology and Particle Design Ongoing research and development to enable the production and commercialisation of new materials through advances made in the field of nanotechnology.

Clean Air and Environmental Protection Technology The Hosokawa Micron Corporation is engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of environmental protection equipment, dust and product recovery control equipment and precise air control equipment and systems.

The following machines are available for the grinding und classification sector:

Cam crusher DB, safety crusher SB, Omniplex hammer mill HA, Protoplex granulator, fine impact mill UPZ, Contraplex wide-chamber mill CW, fine cutting mill AFS, Aeroplex spiral jet mills AS, dry ball mill ATR, Powderplex classifier mill APP, Zirkoplex classifier mill ZPS, fluidised bed opposed jet mill AFG, fluidised bed opposed jet mill TFG for toner, turbo-twin opposed jet mill TTG, table roller mill AWM, high-compression roller mill ECP (in combination with a downstream classifier), Super Orion ball mill S.O. (in combination with a downstream classifier), air jet sieve LS, Multi-Plex zigzag classifier MZM, Ventoplex classifier V, Stratoplex air classifier ASP, Turboplex ultrafine classifier ATP, Micron air classifier MS, toner classifier TTSP, turbo-twin classifier TTC.

All machines and systems are subject to constant quality control. Our international and longstanding experience form the cornerstone of our success on domestic and international markets.

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